Training Courses

ilm level 5 management coaching

We are launching our 2022 programme of training and have a few spaces available on the following three apprenticeship courses, starting in February: Team Leading (ILM Level 3) Operations Manager (ILM Level 5) Leader in Care (City & Guilds Level 5) Please contact us for details of delivery arrangements, content, eligibility and venues.

Time Management for Managers

time management for managers

Whenever I ask anyone in business how they are, the answer is nearly always that they are busy, tired or juggling too many priorities. No-one ever says they are calm, in control or underworked! The reasons for this, as everyone dashes off to the next meeting with their eyes glued to the latest message on […]

Stop talking while I’m interrupting!

business communication skills

Stop talking while I’m interrupting! Whenever I’m asked to work with a ‘problem’ team or organisation, the very first thing everyone talks about is communication. We all know that communication is the single most important aspect of management, teamwork and all business activities and relationships. Yet it is the hardest skill to get right, and […]

How did Alan Hester Associates start?

alan hester training and coaching

How did Alan Hester Associates start? In 2002 I founded Alan Hester Associates, fulfilling a long-held ambition to deliver the kind of training and coaching I knew managers at all levels need. Eleven years on we are working with new and experienced team leaders, managers and directors, facilitating team days and running accredited and stand-alone […]